Chutney….. Nepali style

In any Indian household chutney is an important part of everyday meal. Weather you are having pakoras, samosas or any other snack you always find a certain type of chutney. In north India, hari chutney  is very popular. When I was at the University in Edinburgh, I would make chutneys using various ingredients. One of my friend from Delhi once pointed out to me that she had never had the red chutney I prepared. It got me thinking that maybe it was uniquely Nepali, I may be wrong, it may be made at other parts of the country too, but in my house we just love the red chutney. In fact both my sister don’t need anything else  with rice if there is red chutney.

When we were teenagers  and old enough to help mum in the kitchen, my mum used to make us use the grinding stone or silpatta to make the chutney. I still remember her coming and checking if the chutney was fine enough. If it was not, we had to redo the process. How I used to hate it. I would sometimes grumble why we had to do everything in the traditional way when we could have easily used the electric grinding machine. My mum  was actually teaching us valuable life lessons. The discipline to complete the task  started to the best of our ability.  The importance of tradition and also making us realise that food is tasty cooked in the  traditional way.

Grinding stone

Grinding stone

Even now we use the grinding stone to make the chutney, but I  have stopped grumbling.  For those who do not have a grinding stone at home the electric grinder will work too.

Red Chutney 


2 medium size tomatoes

2 clove of garlic

a small piece of ginger

chilli according to taste ( if you want it hot put a lot of chilli, preferably red ones)

salt according to taste.

For the  authentic taste you need to roast the tomato in fire, since its impossible to have a fire at home ,slice the tomatoes in two and  microwave it for  3 minutes. Put the tomato, garlic, ginger and chilli in a jar and use the hand blender to blend it , or  use the electric mixer/grinder.  Blend it for few minutes till all the ingredients form a smooth puree and add salt according to taste.

You can garnish it with finely chopped onions or use it as it is . It works with rice, roti, samosas, pakoras or just anything. 

Red chutney

Red chutney



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