Absolute Demazong ….. a great place to hangout

I am a foodie, I love to try out new cuisine and places to eat. Few years back eating out was not a very popular concept in Gangtok, but now times are  changing, and so has the attitude of Gangtokians, we see lot of  new restaurants mushrooming, serving a multitude of cuisine.

My cousins and I wanted to try this new place called Absolute Demazong, we had heard some pretty good things about it. The four of us went on a friday evening. Demazong means ‘valley of rice’. It is another form of the word Denzong and is the old name for Sikkim. Considering the name of the restaurant , we expected the fare to be traditional. We were not disappointed. Along with  all the typical items in the menu (Indian, Continental, Chinese), it also has a very good selection of traditional Nepali, Bhutia and Bhutanese dishes.

As well as  regular alcoholic beverage the place also serves  chaang , a local drink made of fermented millet, served in a bamboo canister sipped using a bamboo pipe.

On that day,  there was a  local band belting out hit Nepali songs. I don’t know if the live act happens everyday or just the weekend.

The place has an open floor plan, and the decor is nothing extraordinary, though the furniture is traditional Sikkimese.


We ordered a non-veg  Nepali platter for starter to go with chaang and Dansberg Blue (a pale lager beer, locally brewed), which turned out to be very good.

The people of Sikkim do not eat as much masala as the North Indians, so if you have  a hot palate, you may find the local food to be quite bland. But you can spice it up by ordering side dishes like Ema Tachi, a Bhutanese dish made of chilli and cheese and the wide variety of achars. If you are lucky and are not afraid to experiment you may be able to try dishes made of stinging nettle (sisnu)  and eatable fern(ningro) . It is  a seasonal delicacy and an acquired taste.

The staff is friendly and the service is very good. After a very hectic week, it was good to relax with a glass of beer and good music.  If you are looking for a quite dinner for two I would not suggest this place, but it is perfect for hanging out with friends.

If you plan to travel to Gangtok and want to try the local cuisine, I would recommend Absolute Demazong. Do try the local chaang and the locally brewed beer.

Location : Hungry Jack Complex, National Highway 31A, Gangtok.

Hotel Hungry Jack is a landmark building, so any local will be able to give the direction.

USP: They serve authentic local cuisine  and also serve  chaang.


Ambience  : 3/5

Food : 4/5

Service : 4/5



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